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Skin Boosters: the natural strengthening of the skin

A refreshed, firm, radiant and fully hydrated face with the power of Skin Boosters.

Mesotherapy with biomimetic peptides

Targeted mesotherapies with the appropriate formula of biomimetic peptides applied by Dr Anastasia Tzouma can provide spectacular solutions to anti-aging, discoloration and fat dissolution.

Autologous facial mesotherapy

Ever since Kim Kardashian tried it on camera, autologous facial mesotherapy – otherwise known as the Vampire Lift – has been in high demand.


The new hyaluronic acid booster with the longest lasting and impressive results.

Microneedling with SkinPen

Personalized microneedling protocols for natural collagen stimulation and scalpel-free regeneration, with the most modern FDA aproved devices in the world.

Jalupro – Bio-regeneration with amino acids

Mesotherapy with Jalupro restores radiance and firmness to dull skin, prevents and reduces sagging (face and body) but also improves the appearance of scars (such as acne), keloids and stretch marks.

Jalutoxin – Mesotherapy with Botox

The new combination of botulinum toxin type A together with Jalupro amino acids and hyaluronic acid, revolutionizes rejuvenation.

Menoperfect for Menopause

The beauty of maturity is now highlighted with the clinic’s special exclusive menoperfect protocols

Hand Treatment by Dr Anastasia Tzouma

Even if we have taken care to erase the signs of time from the face, tired hands are the “telltale” part of the body that betrays age. To treat the hands, Dr. Anastasia Juma has designed an exclusive protocol that achieves natural results for skin health.

PRX-T33® – Biostimulation Peeling

The new modern version of bio-stimulation peelings without recovery, gives a solution to multiple problems.

Nanosoft Eye Treatment

The innovative exclusive protocol for rejuvenating the area around the eyes combines specialized peeling with targeted mesotherapy.

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