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Hand Treatment by Dr Anastasia Tzouma

Even if we have taken care to erase the signs of time from the face, tired hands are the part of the body that betrays our age. To treat the hands, Dr. Anastasia Juma has designed an exclusive protocol that achieves natural effects for skin health.

When we caress a silk dress, when we try on a ring, when we make a design on our nails, we can’t help but notice that our hands are getting tired. The exposure to the cold of winter and many hours of exposure to the sun, frequent washing with soap and various unavoidable household tasks make the skin of the hands loose, wrinkled and blotchy.

Even if we have taken care to erase the signs of time from the face, tired hands are the part of the body that betrays our age. For the treatment of the hands, Dr. Anastasia Tzouma applies the same protocol that she applies to the neck area based on the same goal: The natural result and the health of the skin.

– The basic steps of the hand treatment protocol by Dr Anastasia Tzouma

  • STEP 1 in Hand Treatments: regeneration with laser combination

    First, the Fraxel Dual Laser is applied for deep skin regeneration, thickening and tightening of the skin. In cases where the hands have brown spots, she applies Pico Laser topically to remove them and enhances the regeneration with Pico Fractional Laser instead of the Fraxel Dual in the same session.

    The recovery is very fast with both lasers. The hands immediately afterwards show a redness which lasts 2 to 3 days. The brown spots become intensely brown for about a week and then recede giving way to clear skin. The number of sessions varies from 1 to 2 depending on the case. The effect of fraxel dual and pico laser in the hand area is smooth, firm, thick and no longer aged skin, free of blotches and pigmentation.

  • STEP 2 in Hand Treatments: filling the surface with fillers

    After 2 to 3 weeks, the dorsal surface of the hands is filled with atraumatic microcannula. The materials used by the doctor are skin boosters such as Restylane Vital, special hyaluronic acid for the body as well as bio-stimulation fillers such as Ellance.

    The result is immediate and very impressive. The hands are firm, full and youthful. The patient can return to his or her daily activities directly. This is due to the use of microcannula by which there is usually no injury. The basic prerequisite for a treatment with effect and duration is the design of the personalised case-by-case protocol by Dr. Anastasia Tzouma.

– Is it a painful treatment?

The treatment is very well tolerated with the use of a special anaesthetic cream that we use at Tzouma clinic. Also, during the treatment cold air is injected into the application area making the treatment pleasant.

– How many sessions are needed?
  • This protocol consists of two sessions: a laser session and a session of filling with materials such as hyaluronic acid. Usually one or two treatment courses are required, while in many cases only one is sufficient.
  • Each case is unique and the design of a personalised protocol in Hand Treatments is a key condition for success.

“Hands reveal personality and emotions. But additionally show our age. We follow the right steps to rejuvenate their skin”



the sessions required to complete the treatment – one laser session and one with fillers




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