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Tattoo Removal with Pico Laser

“The scientific pioneering of Pico manages to remove tattoos of all colors with absolute safety and at the same time impressive regeneration of the area.
Dr Anastasia Tzouma”

At Tzouma Clinic we pioneer once again and become the first clinic in Greece to use Quanta System’s Discovery Pico Plus, the most effective laser in the world in removing discolorations, scars, tattoos and regeneration.


The physician-dermatologist Anastasia Tzouma and the specialised scientific staff of Tzouma Clinic, having received special training in America and Italy, successfully apply the most powerful and flexible laser that, thanks to its innovative way of action, has the most impressive performance even in tattoos that have traditionally been difficult to remove. The Pico laser channels the energy in tiny bundles of light under the skin in infinitesimal fractions of a second. Its beams open up diodes on the surface that look like dots.


This way, the energy reaches the deeper layers without causing any external sign. Therefore it manages to correct scars, erase blotches, smooth fine wrinkles, and remove tattoos.

 – How is Pico laser different from other lasers?
  • The advanced technology of Pico differs in the pulse duration of the laser that is in the time the beam is in contact with the skin. In this new laser time is measured in picoseconds. ”Pico” is a subdivision of ”nano”, which means that picoseconds are 1,000 times smaller fractions of a second than the nanoseconds on which most lasers have traditionally operated until now.
  • This means that the new laser can use a higher intensity, ensuring greater efficiency and greater safety thanks to the shorter contact time of the skin with its beam. The important thing is that the surrounding tissues remain intact and the treatments leave no mark on the skin.
– Tattoo removal with QUANTA SYSTEMS UNIQUE Discovery Pico Laser

The absolute precision Discovery Pico Laser targets the pigment molecules in a photomechanical way; it is absorbed by them and destroys them leaving the adjacent skin tissue intact. Using strong energy pulses in picoseconds, the pigment particles are crushed into a very fine ”powder”, which is easier to remove from the body. At the same time, as is normal after each laser application, skin regeneration mechanisms are stimulated. Thus, while the pigment molecules are removed in a completely safe way, without any complications, the synthesis of new skin begins in the area where the tattoo once existed.

“We are the first Clinic in Greece to bring the Pico Laser Quanta, wanting to offer to those who trust us the best result, without compromises.
We invest in new technology machines to provide the highest quality services, safely and reliably.”

– How to erase tattoos with the Pico laser?

Compared to traditional Q-Switch lasers that separate colored particles into grains, Discovery Pico Plus, using powerful pulses of energy in picoseconds, shatters the particles into a very fine ”powder”, which is easier to eliminate from the body’s immune system.

How is that possible? When an ink particle absorbs laser radiation emitted at extremely short picosecond energy pulses, an extremely rapid rise in temperature is caused within it that can reach up to 900°C. This rapid rise in temperature expands rapidly throughout the particle and creates a mechanical (acoustic) wave that penetrates it.


This generated wave exerts a pressure that exceeds the breaking point of the particle and thus its fragmentation occurs.
At the same time, Discovery Pico Plus stands out thanks to the fact that it emits in three different wavelengths and thus has the ability to process and remove all colors.
The only laser that erases ALL COLORS

– How to erase all colors with pico laser?

To this day, tattoo removal lasers could not erase all colors with the same success and while they did eliminate black, on all other shades their action was not as effective.
Discovery Pico Plus extends the range of colors that can be treated and is considered the most effective laser as it can process and even remove difficult blue and green colors thanks to the very high pulse energy it uses.
In particular, it combines 3 lasers in Pico technology with each of them having better absorption in some colors.

In particular:

  • Nd-YAG Pico Laser has the best absorption in black and dark blue colors
  • Ruby Laser in green, light blue and blue colors which have been the most difficult to remove to date.
  • and Nd:YAG/KTP that is effective in red, orange and violet colors

So, depending on the color, the depth and the type of ink, we choose the appropriate of these three lasers which in combination with the technology and the speed of Discovery Pico Plus give the most impressive results removing even the most difficult colored tattoo.

– How many sessions does it take to remove a tattoo with Pico laser?

The number of sessions required to remove a tattoo depends on the extent and colors of the pattern, but also on the condition of the skin. For example, a small simple tattoo requires about 4 visits, while a larger one requires 8. The interval between each treatment is from 4 to 6 weeks.


However, the longer the distance, the better the results as the broken ink takes from 1 to 4 months to be removed from the lymphatic circulation. The difference with Quanta Systems’ Discovery Pico Laser Tattoo Removal is visible from the very first application.

– Is it safe to use the pico laser?

Absolute safety

Discovery Pico Plus is distinguished for the safety it provides as the energy pulses it uses produce a clean photoacoustic effect that accurately targets pigments and leaves the surrounding tissues unaffected. Thanks to the above mechanism, it is the first laser that removes the tattoo without causing any shading or scarring on the skin.


At the same time, as is normal after each fractional laser application, the skin regeneration mechanisms are stimulated. Thus, while the pigment molecules are removed in a completely safe way, without any complications, the synthesis of new skin begins in the area where the tattoo once existed.

– What protocol is applied in Tzouma clinic to remove tattoos with Pico laser?

New Treatment Protocol & New Technology for Tattoo Removal.
The Fastest Safe & Effective Tattoo Removal Method with New Technology Pico Laser Quanta.
The new protocol that we apply at Tzouma clinic combines Fractional Laser and Pico Laser Quanta to have an effect that will fascinate you.
Now your tattoo can be removed in half of the sessions that it would have taken with the old technology Laser Q Switch.


The treatment is simple and painless and is carried out with the prestige, reliability and experience of our Clinic & Physician Anastasia Tzouma.
Two treatments in one session and at the Price of One!
In all our patients, before or after the application of Pico Laser, we use the Fractional Laser, to achieve faster regeneration and easier splitting of the tattoo color. We usually start by removing the color and then apply the fractional pico laser but often vice versa depending on the case.


The doctors of the clinic decide the exact protocol to follow depending on the case. This application is made to all our patients and we do not charge it extra, because we believe it is necessary for everyone, according to the experience of the doctor in large Tattoo Removal Clinics in America.

Laser creates in the area we apply it very small holes, thus activating the mechanisms of our body, making immediate regeneration of the area. It also helps to more easily break down the color of the tattoo. The Fractional Laser is painless and completely safe.

– The first clinic in Greece with pico laser

We are the first clinic in Greece that has brought the Pico Laser Quanta. Compared to the old technology Q Switch, Pico’s pulse duration is 1000 smaller (picosecond). This practically means that the tattoo ink is broken down into even smaller pigment particles, which can be more easily removed from the lymphatic circulation of the body. Thus, only half of the sessions are needed, compared to the Q Switch, while the side effects and reactions after the laser are minimized because the healing of the area is accelerated (since we use the Fractional Laser in the same session).

– How will my skin look like after the Pico laser treatment and what should I need to take care of ?
  • As the laser passes over the tattoo, a “frosting effect” is created, which disappears after some time. The tattoo reappears and we notice that after a few days it slowly begins to fade. This happens because macrophages, following normal skin processes, gradually remove pigments.
  • After treatment, the skin in that area will be swollen, slightly irritated, and sensitive to friction. There is a possibility of bubble formation, especially in red coloured areas. In such cases we should leave them as in 2 – 3 days they will disappear.
  • You should not scratch or rub the area and should keep it clean.
  • After the treatment you should apply a regenerating cream.
  • Sunbathing is prohibited 
  • The use of a high protection sun screen is necessary
  • For 7 days after treatment you should avoid swimming in a pool or sea
  • Avoid shaving while the area is irritated.

* The next session should be after at least 40 days as the phagocytosis process should be completed


laser types are combined for the technology of Quanta Systems and can erase all colors


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