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ScaRemove Protocol by Dr Anastasia Tzouma – Scars fade away!

Where even the most invasive solutions fail, the exclusive personalized ScaRemove protocol for acne scars achieves the impossible.

Even when healed, acne still affects us as it leaves behind scars. This is because inflammation causes the composition of scar tissue under the skin. So, instead of the collagen fibers being well-structured, they are tangled. The result is that certain parts of the face are pulled inward, deepening and giving the appearance of acne “scars”. To detach the skin from the scar tissue that is pulling it down and at the same time stimulate the production of new collagen fibers, we use ScaRemove therapy.


A combined protocol of treatments applied exclusively in our clinic for the treatment of acne scars. This protocol was created by Dr. Anastasia Tzouma after following the largest clinics in California. It has been applied for years making modifications according to the patient and gives excellent effects.

 – What treatments does this protocol include?

The protocol includes the combination of Fractional Pico Laser and Fraxeldual Laser and in some cases Fractional CO2 Laser or micro needling. The lasers are targeted at different depths so as to stimulate collagen production at all levels of the scar. At the same time they remove the problematic tissue.


In each session, one of the three lasers is applied, depending on the program designed by the clinic’s doctors. The visits are one month apart. At the beginning or at the end of the treatment, an application of dermabrasion with microcrystals or 2-3 microneedling sessions can be performed.


Microneedling is the mesotherapy pen that stimulates collagen in a mechanical way. At the same time it channels regenerative agents such as hyaluronic acid into the skin. Other times, autologous mesotherapy with the patient’s blood can be done in the same session as the laser for faster healing.


These are personalised protocols depending on the clinical picture of the patient. His or her expectations, his or her personal life and of course his or her financial possibilities. There are strong protocols for everyone!

– Which laser is suitable for everyone?

The choice of the appropriate laser is made by the doctors of the clinic as well as the combination of them.

The original fraxel dual laser is considered the most specialised non-invasive laser used for fractional reconstruction, skin regeneration. The laser produces thousands of tiny but deep columns of thermal regeneration, microthermal zones through which skin cells are expelled from the skin.


It can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin in order to activate collagen to fill scars without damaging the upper layers of the skin. It has rapid healing, minimal recovery and very impressive effects.

The original pico laser from quanta systems combines the revolutionary fractional technology and the pulse in picoseconds. Thus, Quanta’s Discovery Pico Plus Laser channels energy with tiny bundles of light in picosecond time into the deepest layers of the skin and its beams open up dots-like passages on the surface.


It is a cold ablative laser; it does not do thermal regeneration like fraxel but microtrauma in picosecond time. In this way, the healing mechanisms of the skin are stimulated and the production of collagen and elastin starts rapidly. As a result, the skin is renewed and the face becomes progressively firmer and more youthful. Also, it has rapid healing, minimal recovery and particularly impressive effects.

The firaxel dual laser and pico laser combination with an interval of 1 month gives the most impressive effects!

Co2 laser is the only CO2 fractional laser that combines CO2 laser and in each pulse simultaneously gives low energy from erbium glass laser i.e. like fraxel but at lower energies. So it combines the technology of the fractional CO2 laser and the fraxel. It is not a simple CO2 fractional laser! Each time the fractional laser passes over the face it removes in a precise and controlled way some of the outer layers of the skin to the appropriate depth, more superficial but more traumatic than the fraxel and the pico laser.


At the same time, however, it gives of small fraxel laser energy to activate through heat the regeneration mechanisms in order to have the fastest possible healing since in CO2 fractional laser the redness would last up to 10 days without the use of fraxel. And also the outcomes are much more impressive than without the combined simultaneous emission of the fraxel laser.

– Are they painful treatments?

The treatments are very well tolerated with the use of a special anaesthetic cream made for Tzouma Clinic.

– How will my skin look like shortly after?

All treatments that include the scaRemove protocols result in the skin appearing red and slightly swollen right after. This reaction is desired since the entire inflammation process activates collagen production. The duration of recovery varies depending on the type of laser. In fraxel and pico laser the face will be red 2-3 days while in fractional co2 laser it will be 4-6 days.

– Instructions after the scaRemove treatment

It is necessary to use a special regenerating cream and sun screen until the next session.

– How many repetitions are required?

Each protocol is designed by the doctors of the clinic exclusively for each patient after first studying with the help of Visia or Fofinder UV the extent and depth of the scars. Thus, the number of sessions varies. So does the order in which the sessions are to be followed. The outcomes are impressive, permanent and tested in a variety of patients.

The Fraxel Dual, Discovery Pico and CO2 Quanta Systems lasers are the original machines, approved by the FDA for this purpose. Tzouma Clinic is the only clinic in Greece that has these three lasers and applies the ScaRemove protocol.

At Tzouma Clinic we have the best machines available internationally in the field of cosmetics and clinical dermatology. We supply only branded devices that guarantee their safety and effectiveness. Finally, we are the first to incorporate in our equipment every new tested scientific achievement.


laser technologies target the 3 different levels of the skin and stimulate collagen production in depth



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