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Pico Laser & Black Diamond acne treatment

The most widespread treatment of Hollywood stars has come to Tzouma Clinic, and is performed with Quanta’s top of all skin regeneration laser Discovery Pico Plus.

The latest generation Discovery Pico Plus Laser is the most powerful and innovative medical laser on the global market. It is twice as powerful and faster as any other laser on the market. It allows us to use the highest possible energy for best results. With the innovation of picosecond pulses in Quanta’s Discovery Pico Plus Laser, the laser pulse duration is measured in picoseconds!


“Pico” is a subdivision of “nano”, which means that picoseconds are 1,000 times smaller fractions of a second than the nanoseconds on which most lasers operate today. Due to the shorter contact time of the skin with the laser beam, the recovery time is significantly reduced! The patient can return to his activities almost immediately.

– What is the Black Diamond Protocol?

It is a painless, non-invasive treatment that is suitable for all skin types, primarily for oily or combination skin, showing dilated pores, uneven texture or active acne. The Black diamond treatment is based on the combined action of a special activated charcoal-based mask together with the Discovery Pico Plus and targets:

  • The grinding of dilated pores
  • The regulation of skin oiliness
  • The regulation of skin oiliness
  • Acne treatment, inflammatory and non-inflammatory
  • Radiance and sanitization of the skin

“Treating acne without medication has always been a topic of great concern to me – The black diamond protocol is one of my favorite protocols for this purpose”

– How is it done?

Initially, a thin layer of the black charcoal mask is applied, which remains on the skin for 10 minutes, so that it can be integrated, its active ingredients are absorbed, and the laser is applied. Then, through the pulses of the Discovery pico plus, heat is generated which activates the mask and provides anti-inflammatory action, as it targets the deeper layers of the skin, where the inflammatory lesions of acne are created.
In a second phase, the sublimation of the charcoal mask takes place and at the same time causes non-visible exfoliation of the skin, removal of black spots and reduction of dilated pores. Finally, a regenerating cream and sun screen are applied if it is daytime.

– How will my skin look like afterwards?

Your skin will have absolutely no irritation afterwards. On the contrary, it will be radiant, clean and healthy.

– How long does the treatment last?

After using an anaesthetic cream for 20 minutes, the procedure takes about half an hour. It is a very well tolerated treatment and can be done without the use of anaesthetic cream.

– How often can it be applied?

This treatment can be performed every 15 days, with a number of sessions of 4-6 for best results. In any case, the clinic’s doctors are the ones who will determine the protocol to be followed by each patient, which is personalised according to the needs of his or her skin.

Is there any kind of contraindication?

This treatment is not applied when active herpes or other type of infection is present. The use of sun screen and moisturising cream on a daily basis after treatment is mandatory.


Times shorter than nanoseconds is picoseconds, the unit of measurement of the duration of Pico Laser pulses




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