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Patient testimonies

The goal of Tzouma Clinic is to always offer services of very high and non-negotiable quality, with honesty and genuine interest in the patient.

“My problem was that with losing weight after my pregnancy I experienced terrible body sagging. I was afraid that I would never become as I was in the past because even though I was exercising the problem remained. ACCENT solved the problem for me by a very large scale! I’m very happy about that.”


Excellent and professional work from a person who has deep knowledge and does not try to rip you off. If you need a therapy and she says that you do then you probably need it.


“I’ve been thinking for a long time that I wanted to do something to make my face look more rested. I felt that I seemed tired and sad at the same time . I didn’t know what that was and I was afraid of doing something that would change my image. Doctor Anastasia Tzouma after studying my face, explained to me calmly that what I needed was to put some hyaluronic acid in the area under my eyes so that my face regains its lost volume to look healthier. I agreed and now I am delighted! . Everyone was telling me how much the Christmas holidays were agreeing with me! I felt great, the microcannula technique was painless and I did not have a single bruise I highly. recommend her!”

MARITINA, 32 years old

“Suddenly my friend announced to me that he had warts. I was in shock! I was very scared! I started reading on the internet and my fear multiplied. We visited Mrs. Tzouma with my friend. After just two sessions, he was clean. But the important thing was that she treated us humanely, calmed us down and with her experience and knowledge guided us well! I thank her from the bottom of my heart for the both of us.”

KONSTANTINA, 24 years old

“Every day I was losing more and more hair. I thought I was going to become as bald as my father was. My mental health began to deteriorate. A friend of mine suggested Mrs. Tzouma for she was her patient and knew that she had one of the best digital trichogram systems. A year later, not only do I have my hair but I have gained a much better image than I could have ever imagined.”

CHRISTOS, 35 years old

“I saw Mrs. Tzouma on TV talking about a topic that concerned me a lot. Melanoma! I had lost my husband several years ago and I was trying in vain to convince my daughters to keep an eye on their moles. I immediately booked an appointment for both of them. I definitely wanted an expert who had a reliable mapping system, Mrs. Tzouma managed to convince them to be careful, to always use sunscreen and never forget to do the annual mole mapping. As a mother it was the best I could do for them.”

VASSILIKI, 62 years old

“I was always bothered by the oval shape of my face but I am one of the women who are scared of surgery so I thought I couldn’t do anything. I read in a magazine an article by Mrs. Tzouma about PDO threads. I thought this was a treatment that suited me a lot but I was afraid of the cost. At the first appointment, the doctor Mrs. Tzouma explained to me with a lot of sincerity, something that I highly appreciated, what exactly I had to expect, what the procedure would be and how many days of recovery I would have in front of me. I didn’t pay anything on the first appointment! A week later I did it. I saw the results immediately because I knew my problem although she had told me that I would have to wait a few weeks. I’m excited!”

KATERINA, 55 years old

“My son was going to get married in a month. I wanted to do something on my face but I didn’t want big changes. I visited Mrs. Tzouma where, respecting my wishes, she recommended a protocol that included one dermabrasion with microcrystals and four hydrations every week. I enjoyed it! I felt double the joy on my child’s wedding day.”

NIKI, 60 years old

“I had hair all over the body that I was forced to shave every day and in the summer even twice a day. My friends introduced me to Mrs. Tzouma knowing that she has the latest laser alexandrite model and also knowing how loyal she and her colleagues were to the strict adherence to the correct protocol. The truth is that I was quite skeptical until I realized it myself. Now, after only 6 sessions I don’t remember how it was back then… when I had hair… “

DIMITRA, 28 years old

“I had a hormonal problem and suffered from very heavy cystic acne. I was embarrassed to get out of the house. I had just been accepted to university. My parents took me to Mrs. Tzouma’s office. I still remember the first appointment and how relieved I left. I followed a five-month treatment as she recommended me and acne was a thing of the past. My face completely cleared. My friends couldn’t believe it. Of course there were scars but I was not afraid since my doctor had already informed me from the beginning about this outcome and about the rehabilitation process. I was looking forward to the day I could do fraxel laser! After two sessions with fraxel the scars were gone by 80%! This year will be the best summer of my life!”

MARIA, 19 years old

“My problem was the hair on my face. The situation had gotten worse because I had used every wrong way of hair removal that existed and of course I ended up using tweezers. I visited Mrs. Tzouma’s clinic with a lot of fear of getting worse and also completely skeptical of the results. The combination of the two lasers she has, alexandrite and nd yag, the special care and attention I felt, the knowledge and experience quickly made me feel safe and solve this jarring problem completely!”

SOFIA, 31 years old

“I suffered from constant cysts in the bikini area. My skin was full of scars and mostly I was in terrible pain, I suffered. My doctor, Mrs. Tzouma, had already surgically removed two of them, so she recommended laser hair removal as a solution. Now I have calmed down and I am grateful to her!”

ELENI, 24 years old

“After my pregnancy my face was filled with freckles. In the summer the problem grew to the point that it looked like I wearing a brown mask. In winter it became better. I had to do something because despite all the creams and the sun protection I did not see any results. Mrs. Tzouma examined me with a special digital camera and informed me that what I had was melasma. We saw together the digital images where I saw the extent and depth of my problem. I followed a three-week treatment and then did the specialized chemical peeling that she recommended to me. The mela peel! Two months later I don’t wear make up anymore! For me this is salvation.”

ROULA, 37 years old

“I had dark circles under my eyes but I was afraid to do anything in this area so as not to become blind! I read in a magazine about the microcannula technique by Mrs. Tzouma and so I visited her without knowing her. She won me over by her frankness and sincerity. When someone knows very well what they are doing, they emit it! I’m glad I did. I feel that it changed my whole image for the better and of course my mental health.”

ANTIGONE, 32 years old

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