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Medical Deep Cleansing by Dr Tzouma

The secret for clean skin is no longer steam but mechanical dermabrasion with microcrystals in a personalized exfoliation program.

It is a deep medical cleansing of the skin of both the face and the body not with steam but with the use of special microcrystals. It is one of the most favorite treatments of both women and men, with immediate results and minimal recovery time. Dermabrasion with microcrystals is the deep medical cleaning designed by doctor Anastasia Tzouma tailored to the needs of everyone.

– What is the process of microcrystalline dermabrasion?

The process of dermabrasion with microcrystals is preceded by very good cleaning with special soap as well as photographing the area to be studied by doctors. After wiping the area very well a kind of mechanical peeling follows with the help of the special eco peel device. Exfoliation is achieved thanks to the spraying of sterile microcrystals of aluminium or corundum, which are simultaneously aspirated, onto the upper layers of the skin, in order to remove its dead cells. This exfoliates the surface layers of the skin without a trace of injury, while draining impurities and sebum. Comedones and cysts are then opened and the closed sebum is removed, a full cleaning of the pores takes place, always under the supervision and guidance of a doctor. 

“The secret for clean skin is no longer steam but mechanical dermabrasion with microcrystals in a personalized exfoliation program.”


The next step is to apply a special healing mask and suitable products as appropriate:

  • moisturizing mask for immediate nourishment and deep hydration
  • drops of hyaluronic acid as well as vitamins C, E or A
  • anti-oily and acne mask
  • peel off mask to remove more sebum

Dermalux Phototherapy is always followed in a special personalized program according to the needs of the patient’s skin.

  • Dermalux Phototherapy promotes skin regeneration, it has antibacterial action while at the same time it acts soothingly reducing inflammation and redness.
  • Dermalux phototherapy has an anti-aging and stimulation program for collagen and elastin.

As Tzouma Clinic always innovates, deep medicine includes a final stage of recovery by putting on a mask containing lavender and white clay. At the same time we put a hyaluronic acid mask on the neck and the neckline and we massage the area with the cryosticks. We finish the protocol with the 4-step treatment that we want to repeat at home: IS Clinical eye cream, IS Clinical healing serum with vitamin C, hydration with Hydracool Serum and finally the sunscreen.

– Is it painful treatment?

It is a simple, painless treatment lasting 80 minutes and the patient can return to work immediately afterwards without any problems.

– What is my skin going to look like after the session?

Immediately after dermabrasion, the skin presents a mild irritation which resolves in a few hours. The application of Dermalux phototherapy helps to reduce the irritation immediately. The skin on the face as well as on the neck and neckline is smooth and shiny without a trace of sebum while the pores of the skin especially after repeated sessions close completely. There may be a slight peeling for 2-3 days which is normal, but under no circumstances do you interfere or peel your own skin. Every skin has different needs and other healing. The experienced staff of the clinic will discuss with you everything that concerns you.

– Can I go to work right away?

The return to our daily business is imminent.

– Can I go to work right away?

The return to our daily business is imminent.

– Any chance of contamination?

In no case can contamination occur from the process since all materials and microcrystals are sterile. You will be given written instructions on how to take care of your skin over the next few days.

– Any chance it will worsen my acne?

Dermabrasion with microcrystals is a basic medical treatment of active acne and cannot exacerbate acne as it does not open the pores.

– What precautions are needed?

No special precautions are necessary except to avoid makeup on the same day after treatment. In the next few days you should use clean brushes or sponges. In case makeup is necessary we have the opportunity to do it in the office immediately after the session with special Jane Iredale makeup products which thanks to the minerals contained they do not clog pores but also have anti-inflammatory properties as well as spf 50+ for full coverage and precaution. Avoid contact with water in the first hours after the procedure. Avoid a gym or swimming pool on the same day. Use of a clean towel as well as a pillowcase at home. Physicians and specialized staff of tzoumaclinic will give you additional, special advice for your own skin while sun protection with spf 50+ is necessary in the coming days.

If you are under acne treatment you will not apply the next 2-3 days, nor will you apply irritating creams such as acids or retinol. We recommend applying a moisturizing or a mildly regenerating cream in the coming days.

How many sessions are required?

The number of sessions required depends on the case. A single session is enough for an instantly radiant, clean of dirt and sebum but at the same time restful skin. However, to maintain youthful and fresh skin, without thin wrinkles, greasiness, pores and seborrhea, especially in people with acne tendency,  a protocol of about 2-4 sessions is needed every 3 – 4 weeks.


the total duration of the treatment completed with Dermalux phototherapy




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