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Happy Mom – For the period after pregnancy

We correct the signs of pregnancy and postpartum with an effective protocol lasting 3 days. 

After hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy and breastfeeding, the next day for the skin comes. Pigmentation, faintness, fatigue, dullness and uneven tone. For this difficult period in the body and in the appearance of every woman, the dermatologist Anastasia Tzouma has designed a pioneering safe treatment lasting three days. After each visit the skin improves, the signs of hormonal disruption subside and the face regains its shine.  

Step 1ο: Visia Dermoanalysis

The examination with the dermoanalysis system Canfield VISIA® is the most objective and scientific way of diagnosing skin problems, and even up to the deeper layers (dermis, subcutaneous). In addition, it is possible to digitally record this visual information, so that after the treatment is completed, the previous condition can be compared to the new one. Based on the data of the examination, the parameters of each protocol are individualized.

Step 2ο: Medical Deep Cleansing by Dr Tzouma

At the same visit with Visia, deep medical cleaning is carried out using the dermabrasion method. Exfoliation is achieved by the spraying of sterile microcrystals of aluminium or corundum onto the upper layers of the skin, which are simultaneously aspirated to remove dead cells. This exfoliates the surface layers of the skin without a trace of injury, while draining impurities and sebum. Comedones and cysts are then opened and the closed sebum is removed, a full cleaning of the pores takes place, always under the supervision and guidance of a doctor. 

Step 3ο: Deep Oxygen Hydration by Dr Tzouma

Deep Oxygen Hydration Treatment is applied two weeks after the deep medical cleaning. Its action is due to an ion mask that supplies the skin with negative electrical oxygen ions obtained from the surrounding air. These ions provide energy to the skin cells by strengthening them. The synthesis of collagen is improved while the necessary oxygen is ensured throughout the body and in the brain through the respiratory system. The energy is provided by the special coating present at the top of the ion mask. After application the skin is visibly refreshed and shiny with a feeling of softness and freshness. The skin has been thoroughly hydrated while at the same time the cellular metabolism and oxygenation of the entire body have been stimulated. At the same time, thanks to oxygen therapy, you will feel as if you have rested after a deep sleep. 

Step 4ο: Fire & Ice Facial by Dr. Tzouma

One week after the negative ions mask we proceed to the Fire & Ice ritual, the most immediate and effective treatment for glowing skin. It is based on products of the IS Clinical American company. The “fire” in its name symbolizes the heat that peeling develops while the “ice” refers to the recovery and cool hydration that is applied afterwards. It is designed to reduce fine lines, eliminate discolorations, purify pores in depth, enhance cell renewal, help in signs of acne and discoloration. Essentially, it achieves surface exfoliation, but without the exfoliation the skin. It includes the exfoliating resurfacing mask, the peeling mask containing 18% salicylic acid and 1% retinol and the moisturizing mask with hyaluronic acid, aloe, menthol and grape seed extract. We complete with the Oxygen Dome, the negative oxygen ions dome.

“For the beauty problems that all women face after pregnancy, I have designed a treatment with all the solutions.”

Dermio Care Facial
James Bond’s girlfriend Olga Kyrilenko enjoys Dermio oxygen therapy. 
– What is my skin going to look like after Happy Mom?

The skin after treatment is shiny and hydrated without any irritation and the patient immediately returns to her activities.

– Can it be applied during the summer months?

It is applied throughout the year and during the summer always with sun protection.

– Are you allowed to breastfeed?

Happy Mom treatment is specifically designed to be suitable for women who are breastfeeding.


the time it takes to get radiant and hydrated skin, without any irritation




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