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Hair, Nails & Skin

Hair loss mesotherapies

The enhanced meso-treatments that we apply to the scalp rapidly boost the number of hairs that grow but also reduce the number of hairs that fall out.

Hair transplantation with precision and success

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplantation method ensures rich hair growth with a natural result.

Treatment of Acute Warts

New, effective treatment without relapses.

Removal of nevi

The surgical removal of suspected malignant nevi is the only way to substantially reduce the risk of developing melanoma. However, dermoscopy is also necessary for all patients, especially for people with a large number of nevi (50-100), a light phototype and a family history of melanoma.

Removal of Warts with CO2 Laser

CO2 Laser treatment is superior to other methods used today and is a bloodless method for the removal of papillomas that does not leave scars and scars.

Onychomycosis – Treatment with Pico Laser

For problematic nails that do not respond to conventional treatments, there is now a laser with impressive results.

Wart removal with CO2 Laser

Papillomas or acrochordomas are small benign hyperplastic skin lesions that look like they hang from the skin.

Skin spider veins

Healthy, clear skin without scars and red vessels safely and medically.

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