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Πλούσια νεανικά χείλη

Most women’s dream comes true with the Da Vinci technique by Dr. Anastasia Tzouma, with just one visit to the clinic.

We can say that every person in their thirties needs some lip correction. Within minutes the result becomes completely natural. The face looks youthful and refreshed without anyone noticing. An aesthetic intervention only benefits us when it is based on the natural result. However, a good result depends on how it is applied. The physician’s experience and the quality of the materials.

The Da Vinci technique is an innovative method applied exclusively at Tzouma Clinic. Dermatologist Anastasia Tzouma, after following different techniques in both America and Europe for many years, came up with her own personal creation, the Da Vinci technique. All Jouma Clinic doctors apply the Da Vinci technique after training by Ms. Tzouma herself.

Secrets for natural result of Da Vinci technique
  • Dermatologist Anastasia Tzouma uses only branded hyaluronic acid products specifically designed for the lips.
  • To ensure that the result is natural and elegant, it evaluates the natural structure of the lips and strengthens it where needed to give them a natural and nice shape.
  • In a lip augmentation session an outline correction or volume increase or both can be made.
  • It is important not to change the shape of the lips and maintain the harmonic ratio of 2/3 – 1/3 (lower lip – upper lip) to create the most perfect, symmetrical and natural fleshy lips.
  • The injection techniques the physician uses are many, and different. They are combined where necessary so that each patient is treated with a personalised treatment protocol that suits his/her own lips and expectations.

“We strengthen the shape of our lips by giving a natural, elegant and beautiful shape – with the volume that suits our own face”

– What’s the procedure for Lip Boost?

A simple visit to the clinic will suffice. In the clinic we use targeted products for lips and mainly Restylane Lip Volume, Juviderm Volift & Volbella. These materials are specially treated with very low molecular weight in order to give a completely natural result without injuring the mucosa of the lips.

The material is placed in “doses” by physicians with a thin needle or microcannula. Thus, the patient should decide in collaboration with the doctor on the final size and the result should be natural and completely symmetrical.

– Is it a painful procedure?

Initially, anaesthetic cream specially formulated for Tzouma Clinic is applied and after a few minutes the application takes place. This way there’s no pain.

– What will my lips look like afterwards?

Immediately after treatment, there is usually swelling in the area in the first few hours, but soon it goes down. In some cases it may rarely last 1-2 days. The return to daily activities is immediate. Swelling (Edema) is often covered with the use of special makeup products. It is especially common when the swelling is gone that most patients say how nice their lips were even a little swollen. The result becomes visible at the same time and looks completely natural and in perfect symmetry with the rest of the face.

– How long does the Lip Augmentation effect last?

It lasts 9 to 12 months. Over time the material is broken down, gradually absorbed by the body and after a while it is completely absorbed. Even after this time, the lips are much better than they were before the procedure. This is because during this time the material acted in a moisturising and anaplastic way for the tissues. Then, if the patient is happy with the result, he or she can repeat the procedure. Often many patients prefer to gradually increase their lips so that it is not noticed at all. That’s why they prefer to repeat the process every 3-4 months by filling in a small amount of material each time.

⅔ | ⅓

(lower lip | upper lip)
The ideal ratio for perfect, symmetrical and naturally full lips




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