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Contouring with COG threads

For the face that is sagging and losing its tight outline, doctors have not had a non-surgical direct solution so far. Today, dermatologist DrAnastasia Tzouma applies the safe method of tightening the outline with cog threads, or thread lifting.

COG threads are very thin absorbable sutures that have numerous small pins on their surface. This particularity gives them the advantage of providing a tissue lift when placed on the face.

At Tzouma Clinic Dr Anastasia Tzouma uses the most modern cog 10D threads for stronger action and longer lasting results. As they are inserted into the body the threads apart from their direct effect in correcting relaxation have an additional triple action in anti-ageing.

  • They cause a desirable foreign body type reaction that stimulates the synthesis of new collagen
  • They stimulate elastin fibres and hyaluronic acid, substances involved in the youthful appearance of the skin
  • Relax the tone of the muscles, thus helping to reduce both dynamic and static wrinkles
– How is the placement of COG threads done?

The placement is done in the clinic without incisions and general anesthesia. Extremely thin, special cannulas are used that carry the thread inside them. Initially, Dr. Anastasia Tzouma precedes an assessment of the problem and careful planning of the exact position of thread placement for the best possible result. This is followed by local anesthesia at the point where the thread will be inserted. Then by simply inserting the cannula into the skin and carefully removing it, the inner thread stays and hooks into the predetermined position, pulling and lifting the skin into the desired position for a beautiful natural result. The threads are always put in pairs. Two threads are placed on each side so that Dr. Anastasia Tzouma can tie them at the entry point after having previously lifted the skin to the desired location. In this way the skin is erected strongly and with great stability.

– How will I be right after?

This is a relatively simple procedure for an experienced doctor that achieves a face lift, cheekbone lift and outline improvement IMMEDIATELY in the clinic and within a few minutes. The cannulas used are atraumatic and the patient can return to daily activities immediately. There is often a slight skin fold at the attachment points which is temporary and usually resolves in 2-3 days. Less commonly there is minor bruising (ecchymosis) or swelling on one side.

– What is the material of COG threads?

The threads are made of polydioxanone PDO, which is a clinically tested and 100% resorbable material.

– What are the results and how long do they last?

The appearance of the face is getting healthy and youthful and the skin looks instantly firmer. The results of contouring with COG threads are immediately visible thanks to the lifting effect. Most importantly, the image improves day by day. Scientific studies have shown that after the thread is inserted, the body starts to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid around it.
The material disappears in 8-10 months and is replaced by collagen fibres in a particular arrangement. The result lasts for 18-24 months, depending on the case and the number of threads, thanks to the phenomenon of collagenogenesis, which is responsible for the tightening and regeneration of the skin.

At Tzouma Clinic, Dr. Anastasia Tzouma uses the latest COG 10D threads for a stronger action and longer lasting results.


Polydioxanone is the clinically proven and 100% resorbable material from which COGs are made




Countouring με νήματα COG
Countouring με νήματα COG

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