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Το λίφτινγκ του πούπουλου με νήματα Αptos

No surgery, no pain, no scars. Meet the threads with the serrated surface that revolutionised non-invasive lifting techniques.

Imagine a technique as simple as Botox injections, with results as permanent and spectacular as a surgical facelift. Aptos threads go under the skin and in a pioneering way they put the skin in a new position.

The 8 points of superiority of Aptos

The difference in aptos thread lift is based on the idea that with an inner suture we can lift a piece of skin and fix it in a new position. Special threads inserted under the skin are used for this purpose.


Thanks to the tiny anchors along them, they pull the skin upwards. They are stabilised at some point and thus lift the skin.

Specific corrections can be made with a thread, such as brow lift or cheekbones enhancement.

Threads have been used for decades in surgery. Experience in their use is so long that they are considered completely safe for the body.

The change becomes immediately apparent, but the face needs a few weeks to show its final image.

The aptos thread lift is recommended for cases of moderate to intense relaxation. In women who have a visible loose in the skin of the face, only these threads can provide a solution.

Because each person grows in a different way, the needs vary. Some have more forehead loosening, others on the cheeks and others on the neck. The threads are applied with such precision that they make a “local” lift. Prior to surgery, the doctor draws a diagram of the threads that will pass under the skin and predicts the result.

The wide range of aptos company allows us to use different threads and specialised techniques depending on the case. Visage Soft for skin shielding and prevention of relaxation at younger ages, Visage for support and mild lift, are placed on the middle face, Thread 2G for facial outline and oval correction and Needle 2G for the neck area.

The new Aptos threads contain hyaluronic acid which is released gradually in the next period of time by hydrating the face and maintaining the thread effect much better.

– What’s the process?

Their application is done at the clinic with local anaesthesia and lasts from 30 minutes to two hours. Initially, a detailed facial analysis, design by Dr Anastasia Tzouma and local anaesthesia are performed. Depending on the case, 4 to 10 threads will be placed per relaxation area and all from the same entry point.


The impressive thing is that we can draw as much as we want on each side as well as correct minor differences between the two sides of the face. In the area there will be swelling which can last two or three days. If bruises appear, they are treated with arnica cream.

– What are the results and how long do they last?

The results are very impressive and immediate. Aptos achieve correction much sooner than any other thread. The result is better and has longer duration. This duration depends on the degree of relaxation of the face and can be up to two years.


The duration of aptos threads is longer than pdo threads thanks to the slow bio-degradation of polylactic acid. The new aptos visage threads for the average face also contain slow-release hyaluronic acid that enhances the result and collagen production.


*Physicians using the Aptos threads are trained and certified by the company for the application of the threads of all its series.


Dr Anastasia Tzouma is a certified dermatologist for Aptos threads and trained by Dr George Tschemyanov, certified plastic surgeon, MD, PhD certified coach of Aptos.

Aptos achieve correction much faster than any other thread while the result is better and has a longer duration


The threads placed per relaxation area – all from the same entry point




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